[Webinar] Essential Strategies for Your Next Career Development Event

The best career development events empower students and alumni to identify their strengths and weaknesses. Resume and LinkedIn review sessions are an excellent example of that.

View this brief webinar as we dive into the benefits involved with hosting career-themed events. We’ll walk through success stories from your peers and provide actionable tips for turning your next event into a success!




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We covered three types of career development events -- Ask the Career Coach, Ask Multiple Career Coaches, and Informal Mentoring -- all of which are great event types to incorporate into your event toolkit. 

  • Learn expert strategies for setting up your next resume review session
  • Master how to successfully host an “Ask the Career Coach” event
  • Receive marketing advice for these events that works
  • Walk away with tips for preparing your alumni and students

Here are tips for preparing your alumni, students and Career Coaches for your next event.


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