Chat & Representative Enhancements

Brazen is excited to share a series of user interface enhancements as a part of our latest release. This update is focused on:

  • Ensuring representatives are able to easily navigate to their booths and begin chatting
  • Making it easier for all users to understand their current status
  • Updating the language and information presented throughout the interface


What’s new in this release?


  1. Representative Welcome Message and Lobby View Control - Reps Only
  2. Status Widget - Everyone
  3. Updated Chat Button - Everyone
  4. Completed and Active Chats Booth Stats - Reps Only
  5. Representative CSV Additions - Everyone


Representative Welcome Message and Lobby View Control - Reps Only


A new welcome message guides representatives to their booths and encourages them to begin chatting. A version of this message will also be displayed to representatives in single-booth events, along with a badge to indicate the user is assigned as a representative within the booth.

The “Your Booths” toggle allows representatives to switch the lobby view between booths they are assigned to and all booths in the event.


Status Widget - Everyone

Updated language on our status widget now clearly informs users of their status both across the event and within each booth they are interested in.

Replacing our existing Away/Available status toggle, the “Accepting New Chats” checkbox still allows users to stop being placed into new chats without changing their status across each booth in the event.


Updated Chat Button - Everyone

Our updated chat button features a cleaner look and updated language that connects back to the user’s status widget.


Completed and Active Chats Booth Stats - Reps Only

New booth stats visible to representatives allow them to assess and review the activity in their booth during an event.


Representative Availability Badge - Everyone

Curious which representatives are available within a specific booth? The new availability badge indicates when the representative is online and available to chat.

Representative CSV Additions - Everyone

All registration CSVs will now include fields and responses from representatives as well as participants. 

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