Email Template: Resume Review Prep

Hosting a Resume Review or Career Development Chat and want to make sure that participants are prepared? Send an email with a clear call to action to highlight the benefits of chatting online with a resume reviewer.
Subject Line: [ORGANIZATION NAME] Online Resume Review [EVENT DATE] [EVENT TIME]
Hi there,

Whether you're just starting your career or an experienced professional, keeping your [RESUME/LINKEDIN PROFILE] up to date in a competitive and rapidly evolving job marketplace is essential. On [EVENT DATE] [EVENT TIME] [ORGANIZATION] is hosting [EVENT NAME], you'll be able to chat one on one online with a [RESUME REVIEWER TITLE] from [ORGANIZATION] to receive individualized professional advice and ask questions specific to your career goals. 

On the day of the event, login from your smartphone, tablet or computer [INSERT TRACKING LINK], to chat one on one with resume reviewers. The text-based chats are [CHAT LENGTH] long, allowing you to receive actionable feedback about your resume and career goals quickly.


After you finish, or while you wait, enjoy networking with other [ORGANIZATION] [PARTICIPANTS eg alums] from all over the world and add your new connections to your LinkedIn network. Don't wait until you're actively looking for a job to update your [RESUME/LINKEDIN]!

How to prepare: 

  • Update your resume and save as a PDF or .Doc file
  • Login and upload your resume
  • Have a list of questions ready to go to ask our resume reviewers.
    • What do you suggest if I want to move into ___ field?
    • Can I ask for your advice on ____?
    • What format would be best to display my unique qualifications?
    • How should my LinkedIn reflect my resume?

During the session:

  • Enter the booth(s) of the reviewer(s) you are interested in connecting with
  • Click the green button to get in line to chat
  • You will have [CHAT LENGTH IN MINUTES] to chat with a reviewer, ask questions, and receive feedback

After your resume review: 

  • Use the advice from your reviewer(s) to update your resume
  • Schedule an appointment with [ORGANZIATION] if you need additional help! [CONTACT INFORMATION]
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