Set Up a Wait List

Account Administrators can request this feature.
 Available in the Open House and Expo event types.
 Wait lists allow you to limit the number of participants who can register for an event.

To Set Up a Wait List

  1. Navigate to your Account Home and find the event you’d like to update.
  2. Click on the , then select edit.
  3. Select the Registration tab, then click access settings.
  4. Click the request change button.  
  5. Then, check the box to enable the waiting list and click OK.

Once the wait list is added, only existing sign-ups and registrants will be able to attend the event. All other new registrants will see a form similar to the one pictured below. You will receive a copy of the contact information collected in the form within one week of your event ending.   


Q: When should I add a wait list to my event?

A: Add a wait list to your event once you have reached the desired number of event registrants.This is typically a factor of how many reps will be available during the event to ensure that all participants have a chance to chat and have a good in event experience. Keep in mind that attendance for an event is typically around 50%. A wait list cannot be added to an event after an event starts.

Q: Can I have a wait list automatically added to my event based on the number of participants that sign up/register?

A: At this time, wait lists have to be created manually. Request the waitlist through the steps outlined above once you have reached the desired number of event registrants. If you are concerned about the number of registrants rapidly increasing when you start marketing, please reach out to

Reminder: Participants in your wait list will not be included in the sign-up totals in your Event Tracker report.

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