Create a Series

Account Administrators can access this feature.
 Available in the Peer Networking, Mixed Networking, Open House, and Expo event types.
 Creating a series will allow you to schedule and promote multiple events on an ongoing basis.

A series is a set of events that occur on a repeating basis. The following video will show you how to create your own series.

The following video will show you how to create your own series. If you would like to read the instruction please scroll down the page. 

Creating a series is a simple four-step process. To get started, select Create Series from your Account Home or Series List.

1. Select a Template

Choose a template from your account to build your series events from. The settings and content from the template will be applied to each of your events.

Next, enter a series title. This title will also be used for each of the events in the series.

2. Assign representatives

This optional step allows you to assign representatives to the booths. The dropdown contains booths that are a part of your template. Any representatives that were already assigned to the template are visible. Use the name and email fields to add additional representatives.

Note: This option is not available when using a peer networking template.

3. Set your series start time

Pick the date and time for the first event in your series.

4. Set your series schedule

Your series schedule dictates when and how often your event will be hosted. Use the controls to specify the recurrence to begin after the first event in the series (i.e. weekly on Friday, monthly on the second Tuesday).

The “Ends on” date defines when the series ends. A series must end no more than 6 months from the date they are created, but can later be extended by editing the series schedule.

That’s it! After clicking OK, your series events will begin generating and you will be taken to your new series home. The series home displays a month-by-month view of all the events in your series. Event creation may still be in process, but will complete shortly.

After you create your series, move on to the next steps listed below:

How to edit and apply series settings
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How to use the series widget

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