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Account Administrators can access this feature.
 Available in the Peer Networking, Mixed Networking, Open House, and Expo event types.
 Templates are a way to manage and store event settings and content. 

Templates are a simple yet powerful way to edit and manage event settings and content. A template includes all of the base settings to build an event, including a landing screen design, registration forms, booths, assigned representatives and more. Templates do not have start times and time zones; these are added when the event or series is created. 

Your account will have access to Brazen's default templates based on the event types your account may host. You can edit the existing templates, create a new template from scratch, or create a template from an existing event. (Note: you cannot create a template from an event within a series).

Create a Template

  1. Navigate to Templates. 
  2. Click to Create New Template
  3. To create an event from scratch, leave the box "Create Template from Event" unchecked. If you decide to create a template from an existing event, you can choose to copy the booths, opportunities, and representatives as well. 
  4. Then, complete the required fields.
  5. Hit save to create your template.  

Tip: You can edit a template at any time, and it will not affect any of your existing events or series. To edit the template, return to the Templates page, click the ellipses and select edit.

Watch How to Create a Template

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