Apply a Template

Account Administrators can access this feature.
 Available in the Mixed Networking, Open House, and Expo event types.
 Apply a template to an existing Event or Series to easily update the design, registration and settings. Ideal for when you have multiple changes you’d like to apply at once.

Apply A template to an Event

  1. Navigate to your Account Home and find the event you’d like to update.
  2. Click on the , then select Apply Template.
  3. In the window, select the template you would like to apply, then click next.
  4. Confirm your selection and click OK to apply the template.

Apply A template to a Series

  1. Navigate to the Series tab in your Account Home.
  2. Click view for the series you would like to edit.
  3. Under the series’ settings, select import template.
  4. Follow steps 3 & 4 from above.

Reminder: This feature is only available for events scheduled to begin at least 15 minutes in the future. A template cannot be applied to a live or concluded event.

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