How do I use Google Analytics?

Account Administrators can access this feature.
 Available in the Peer Networking, Mixed Networking, Open House, and Expo event types.
 Use google analytics to track and measure your outreach efforts and participant conversion.

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics provides information on website traffic, including unique views, traffic sources, and more. This level of data is a higher-level view that helps us to understand the conversions that take place from landing page to sign-up, and are not tied directly to specific candidates. This combined with the tracking links provide a holistic view of marketing efforts, so that we can measure, review, and optimize these efforts.

How do I use Google Analytics?

To set up Google Analytics, you will need to pull your UA Code from your analytics dashboard. Find your code here.  Then, once you have the code, click to edit your event in Control Center, and navigate to Settings, then select Google Analytics. Input the code, and click save.

From there, once the UA code has saved, you will see the Brazen site appear in your Google Analytics dashboard.

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