Marketing Enterprise Chats: Office Hours, Meet & Greets and Open Houses

Where, when and how you market enterprise events will vary based on the goal of your event.

Successful events in the enterprise space typically enforce the concept of “access”. You are getting access to some great candidates, but they are also getting access to your company, possibly actual employees, and your company brand. In order to reach the broadest audience from active to more passive candidates, ensure that your language around the event is reflecting that from the title through your marketing. Use robust and diverse marketing channels to cast the widest net. 

Building a campaign of events will give your initiatives more exposure and the potential to grow over time. Be sure that the focus is clear for each event and that you’re explaining how the event will work to maximize adoption and understanding of your online event program. Popular and successful event themes include:

    • Internal Hiring Events
    • Internal HR Events
      • Career Coaching
      • Open Enrollment
      • Learn more about benefits
    • Open House Hiring Event
      • Discover a Career with [INSERT ORGANIZATION NAME] - Ask us anything about working as a [INSERT ORGANIZATION NAME] [INSERT JOB INDUSTRY]
      • [INSERT ORGANIZATION NAME] Online Information Session - Connect live with our recruiters and learn why [INSERT ORGANIZATION NAME] is where you need to be
    • Targeted Hiring
      • Diversity hiring
      • Location specific hiring
      • Industry specific hiring
      • College recruiting (partner with a university)
    • Career Coaching: Interview Tips, Career Paths and Coaching

Creating events as a series makes it easier to market with other events in HR/recruiting programming and get participants excited to attend. Using information from previous events like positive survey comments, number of chats or number of attendees in your marketing and on the landing page event will also increase interest in events.

Draw participants in with simple and clear messaging. "Chat with recruiters live --- all online and from the convenience of your own desk!" Sometimes participants don't initially grasp the concept of online/virtual just in the title of the event, and we encourage you to directly state this idea in your marketing emails. Mentioning that the event is free is always a great touch in promotion.

Keep in mind that 10-12 days prior to the event historically provides the best results in terms of marketing, so be mindful to schedule heavier marketing activity in the 1.5 - 2 weeks before the event. 

Marketing Channels:

  • Social Media
    • Twitter (Use multiple accounts to promote: main school account, school administrators or influencers, sports teams etc)
    • LinkedIn
    • Facebook (Use Facebook student groups as well)
    • Add link to events to main profile as well as in individual posts
  • Main and/or career websites
  • Event Calendars
  • Dedicated or targeted email blasts
  • Newsletters
  • Job Boards
    • Company
    • Industry
    • University
    • Add link to event to open requisitions
  • Associations for target demographic groups
  • Blogs for target candidates
  • In person events
  • Radio
  • Newspaper
  • Add to your other marketing initiatives

Marketing for College Recruiting

  • College Career Centers
  • In-person events
  • Campus Newspapers

Keep in mind, numbers are not always the best measure of success. If you are targeting a niche audience, who is attending will be infinitely more important than how many participants attend. Use screening tools like pre-qualification forms and our proprietary SmartQueue technology to help you spend your time with the best candidates in your event.

Help your marketing efforts improve over time by using tracking links so that you can see what sources drew the most interest and where your best candidates came from.

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