Chat follow-up functions

Representatives can access this feature during and after a live event.
 Available in the Mixed Networking, Open House, and Expo event types.
 Use the follow-up functions to email participants, forward along participant information, or schedule your next meeting.

Use the Email Function

Use the Forward Function

  • If the participant should be speaking with someone else from your team that is not available you can send their information to the appropriate person(s)
  • If the participant should speak to the next person in the hiring/admissions process you can send their information along to the appropriate person(s)
  • If your team needs to see all of the conversations from the event, send the participants transcript and profile information along to a central email or multiple emails
  • You can attach the participant's profile and chat transcript in the forward to ensure that you are sending the most pertinent information. 

Schedule a Followup

"Schedule a followup" allows representatives in events to quickly send a templated followup message to a participant after chatting with them. Using a shared calendar service such as Calendly and ScheduleOnce, you can easily drive participants towards a next step of finding time on your calendar to continue your conversation. For more information on Scheduling, a follow-up read Here

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