What copy should I use for the event landing screen?

The event landing screen is a key marketing tool to attract participants to your event and drive conversion. While the copy is important in providing information to potential participants, start simple with a great title and subtitle to make your event pop, and allow anyone who is only briefly looking at the event page to get a sense of the event focus and why they should participate.

The title and subtitle are a key part of your branding and marketing strategy. For the event title, provide context to help participants understand the benefits of attending. "Online Meetup" "Chat Online" "Exclusive Online Event" "Chat 1:1 with X" "Mobile Meetup" "Online Happy Hour" all immediately convey more information about your event and help create buzz. The subtitle is another opportunity to share what makes your event unique and include a call to action "Expand your professional network today" / "Find your next career!". If you need ideas, reach out to your Customer Success Manager; we are here to help!

For New Events

When you create an event, default copy will pre-populate your pages to help you get started based on event type. The language used in this starter copy is generic, and most useful in explaining how the event works.

As a best practice, we encourage you to customize the languages based on the focus or purpose of the event, as well as your target audience. The language developed on your event page can be use in your marketing outreach, too. 

For Existing Events

If your event has been copied over from a previous event you've hosted, then the content from the original event will be input into the page. You can make updates by navigating to the event on your Account Home and selecting "Landing Screen."

Need Inspiration? Contact your Customer Success Manager for ideas!

NEW: Host a custom landing screen

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