Download event reports

Account Administrators can access this feature.
 Available in the Peer Networking, Mixed Networking, Open House, and Expo event types.

 To download reports across multiple events, read this article.


To download reports navigate to the Reports section of your event, then select downloads.  Click download for the report you would like to access. There are up to four types of reports available in your event. 
All Events Types
  1. Event Participants (CSV): this report is a list of all users currently registered for your event, including their registration data. During an event, this report is updated in real time with attendance information. This spreadsheet allows you to see who signed up and didn't attend. You also have access to all of their registration information, if completed. This is great to use for following up with candidates and analyzing the success of your marketing efforts and the event itself.
  2. Participant Registration Documents (.zip): This report contains a ZIP archive file of all the embedded documents uploaded from a registration form.

Open House and Expo Event Types Only

  1. Representative Ratings (CSV): A complete list of chats that representatives had in the event, and the rating assigned to the chat by a representative. This is valuable to use when evaluating which candidates to followup with for next steps.
  2. Representative Ratings (ZIP): This report includes the same information available in the representative ratings CSV, but broken down in to separate CSV files for each booth in the event.
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