How often should I be marketing to participants?

Marketing to Participants

Messaging your target audience has a number of benefits, which include:

  • Raises awareness, which draws more attendees
  • Showcases your brand and its involvement in innovative technology
  • Educates participants about the advantages of fostering conversations online and in real-time!
  • Facilitates stronger connections among your communities
  • Informs your participants about engaging in a forum that allows them to connect, share ideas and build their networks!

However, marketing is all about timing. Below are our recommendations for when to send out invitations, reminders, and tips.

One Month Out

Begin your soft-marketing, which includes promoting the event on your website and posting the event on any relevant public calendar. Include information about the event in ad banners and also at in-person events.

Marketing Plan Checklist:

  • Add to your events calendar and website
  • Newsletter and save the date email
  • Have your partners, staff, affinity groups share to help promote the event
  • Launch a social media push (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook)

Two Weeks Out

Send out direct invites to all relevant groups through email blasts and social media posts. Make sure that you include language that indicates the event is free and online. Don’t forget to provide the event URL so people can easily register!

Marketing Plan Checklist:

  • Send a dedicated email about the event to your target audience
  • Continue your social media push (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook)
  • Advertising (LinkedIn, Indeed, Careerbuilder)
  • Promote at your in-person events
  • Augment with your other marketing initiatives

Invitations: Send out invitations that emphasize the value and focus of the event and the convenience of attending -only requires the internet. Make sure to clearly state the time and date, as well as where they can register.

One Week Out

Continue to push out your marketing, which at this point should include event invites, reminders, and tips.

Reminders: The reminder email(s) will act as a follow-up to the invitation. Again, make sure that you provide an easy way for people to register.

Tips: Since this may be the first time many participants attend an online event, providing tips about attending the event and best practices will help drive the success of the event

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