How do I use Brazen's new landing screen design?

 Account Administrators can access this feature.
 Available in the Peer Networking, Mixed Networking, and Open House event types.
 Use Brazen's new landing screen design for your next hiring or networking event.

How to switch to the new design

1. Navigate to Landing Screen > Design settings for a Peer Networking, Mixed Networking or Open House event or template. Any existing event or template can be updated to the new design.


2. Select "Landing Screen" from the options. Select a background image from our defaults or upload your own.

3. Update the editable fields displayed on the new landing screen by navigating to Landing Screen > Content. Fields you can edit on the new landing screen design are:

  • Event Logo
  • Who should attend? - A simple text field to let participants know your target attendee (i.e. Alumni in Technology, Rockstar consultants, Engineering jobseekers"
  • About the event sponsor - A custom text area to talk about your organization or other details for the event.

Tip: Still want to use the old design? Simply switch back to the "Landing Screen (Legacy)" option.

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