Product Update: March 19

On Sunday, March 19th the following updates have been released:

New functionality

  • The "Advanced" options available when creating a template from an event (Copy Booths, Copy Representatives, Copy Opportunities) are now always displayed.
  • After creating an event, the event's home screen is now displayed instead of the account home.
Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue causing certain events displaying in the wrong time zone on the user home
  • Chat transcripts are now correctly time stamped in the user's time zone
  • Pagination counts on the account home table should now be accurate, especially when paging backwards
  • The previous events table on account home sorts to show your account's most recent events first
  • Clicking on certain elements in the discussion feed will no longer open up a sidebar
  • Invalid HTML content will no longer be rendered in the final thought notification and transcript
  • On the tracker screen, a count of representatives is no longer displayed for open networking booths 
  • Improved the performance of signing in with LinkedIn
  • The Add to Calendar widget is now automatically disabled when a user's network is restricting access to it
  • The welcome slideshow "X" button is now correctly sized on IE10
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