Product Update: March 12, 2017

On Sunday, March 12th the following updates have been released:

New functionality

Text Message (SMS) Event Reminders - Account administrators now have the ability to enable SMS reminders for events! When enabled, a single 30-minute reminder will be sent to participants who opt-in. Learn more

Send & Receive “Final Thoughts” - Participants can now leave what's called a "Final Thought" when their chat ends. Messages received will display in an in-event notification as well as on the event’s history screen. Learn more

Change Event Start Time & Notify Participants - Event start time and duration can now be directly edited by navigating to your event home. The previous support request process has been retired. Additionally, an event already in progress can be extended. When an event time changes, you will also be given the option of notifying your current registrants. Learn more

Small changes

  • A new tooltip will display on booths without a representative assigned in Open House & Expo events. The tip reminds an administrator to assign at least one representative before the event begins.
  • The "Time Zone" landing screen section on our default networking event templates is now disabled by default
  • System error messages have been updated to be more friendly and helpful, including directing users to when appropriate
  • Connectivity notices will no longer appear directly in the chat body, interrupting your chat

Bug fixes

  • The emoji picker now displays correctly on an iPad or other tablet device
  • Improved the performance of displaying the list of representatives assigned to a booth in control center
  • Changes to your discussion feed settings are now accurately reflected in Open Networking booths
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