Product Update: January 29, 2017

On Sunday, January 29th the following updates will have been completed updating existing features and improves the user experience:

  • Search Functionality on Account Home: Tired of scrolling through your Account Home to find a certain event? Fear not! Account Home has been updated allowing you to search and filter your list of events. Search by event title or tag, or better yet, filter by a time range (e.g. events in next 7 days, events in last 30 days, etc).
  • Search Functionality on the Templates Page: While adding search to Account Home, we figured why not add it to the Templates Page too! You will now be able to search this page by template title or tag. Enjoy!
  • Option to Create an Event From the Templates Page: From the Templates page, you will be able to select a template of your choosing and immediately jump right into the event or series creation process. We just saved you 2.4997 seconds.
  • Booth Representatives can Extend Chats by 2, 5 and 10 minutes: This is a fun one. It will work very similar to how it does today: 2 minutes before a chat ends, Booth Representatives will be presented with the options to extend their chat by 2, 5 or 10 minutes. We believe this will improve the experience of Participants and Representatives who are chatting and need more time to finish their conversation.
  • Mobile View Enabled on iPads and Tablet Devices: To improve user experience on an iPad or other tablet devices, the application's mobile view will display when you hold your device in portrait orientation. Rotating your tablet will flip between the mobile (portrait) and desktop (landscape) views of the application.
  • Call to Action on Registration Forms is Now “Submit” vs. “Continue”: We updated the call-to-action on your event registration forms to read "submit" as opposed to "continue." We also modified the design to be a flatter, "Brazen orange" button.
  • URL fields throughout the application no longer require the "http://" prefix in order to successfully save. You can now save links, such as or
  • Links pasted into text editors will be automatically formatted to open in a new window when clicked. This is helpful if you frequently copy and paste content into Brazen from your web page or job board. It allows for landing page viewers to open up a new window to view the additional content, while still keeping your landing page front and center.
  • Fixed an issue that caused event and monthly success report images to be incorrectly sized for viewing in Outlook.
  • Fixed an issue causing events with two peer groups without Representatives to incorrectly account for attendance rate in monthly success emails.
  • Fixed an issue that caused links in emails to not "auto-verify" Booth Owners and Representatives who clicked them.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Booth Owners to be assigned as Representatives in the wrong group.
  • Fixed a bug above that caused certain Representatives to be assigned multiple times to the same booth.
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