Add a job to your account

 Account Administrators can access this feature.
 Available in the Open House and Expo event types when using the Jobs feature. NOTE: Jobs access has to be granted by your Account Manager.
 Jobs can be added to your account, events, series and templates to attract, engage and evaluate candidates.

Use the jobs feature to attract, engage and evaluate candidates. Adding a job to an event or series:

    • automatically creates a job landing screen from the job description to use in your event promotion efforts
    • gives you the option to automatically add a booth to an event using the job description to create focused conversations
    • provides additional event analytics to help you measure the success of your event

To add a job to your account

      1. Navigate to the Jobs tab from your Account Home.
      2. Access Jobs from the menu bar.
      3. Click Create Job.
      4. Fill out all required fields.
        • Job Title will be used at the top of the job landing screen that is automatically created when a job is attached to an event. Location, Position Type and Company appear as subheadings.
        • The Apply URL is displayed to candidates with the Job Description if provided within the booth and during one on one chats.
      5. Once a job is created, navigate to an event, series or template to add the job and create a job landing screen and booth, if desired. Learn more about adding a job to an event, series or template here.


Tip: Jobs added to events, series or templates within your account will automatically appear on this Jobs table. Use this table to sort through all of the jobs you've created within Brazen.
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