Chat Ratings

 Account Administrators can access this feature.
 Available in the Open House, and Expo event types.
 After each chat, reps and participants are presented with a rating scale to review their conversation. In open house and expo events, account administrators can choose which rating scale is presented to reps.

To update chat ratings

  1. Navigate to the Settings of your event, then select Chats.
  2. Click Chat Ratings to view the Rating Scale that will be shown to reps after chats within each booth. 
  3. Select Next Steps or Star Ratings to change the assigned rating scale. 
  4. Click Save


Tip: Your default chat ratings are set by your Account Manager. Reach out to them and our support team ( if you need to change the default chat ratings.

The Next Steps scale, recommended for recruiting events, helps hiring teams identify clear next steps after each chat.


The Star Rating screen is recommended for non-recruiting events.


All chat ratings can be accessed by reps in their event History.



NOTE: In Job booths, the rating scale will automatically be set to Next Steps. In Open Networking booths, the rating scale will automatically be set to Star Ratings. Neither can be changed.

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